All About Family

All about Family: 

Abbey- She is the one who taught me how to mother. Her capacity to love others and Jesus from the time she was tiny has constantly inspired me. 
I remember walking through Wal-mart when she was just 4 and she stopped me in my tracks telling me she NEEDED to go tell the people across the aisle about Jesus. Her desire to share Him with others pushed me outside my comfort zone and spurred me on to press into him so I would share this passion and be able to steward this brave soul He had entrusted me with. I have watched her walk through the hardest season of her life these past two years. Hardships she did not ask for. 
She has experienced life as a single mother, and watched her daddy ( her best friend and the strongest man she knew) battle brain cancer and gain His heavenly reward. 
In the middle of that battle she reconnected with someone she met while she was the Nanny for Jeremy and Adie Camp,who became the love of her life Adam Cappa ( singer and recording artist).
Together they have made the sweetest little family. With the Lord as their “Everything” they travel,minister to people, love those around them and are the best Mommy and Daddy Ava Rose could possibly imagine! 
Their story is the embodiment of HOPE and what God’s redemption looks like.

Nate- When he was just a tiny boy the Lord laid two things on my heart. One ,that He felt things very deeply and two that He had a warriors spirit! He challenged me daily with his strong opinions and independent spirit. He brought me to the end of myself again and again. he brought me to the perfect place , the Throne of God. I look back on those days, and marvel at the Lord’s faithfulness and fruit He has born in Nate. Completely sold  out and devoted to Jesus. The word of God is his true daily bread. The Lord has risen Him up as a protector of his family, a lover of those lost and wandering, a truth speaker and   intense pursuer of all things good and pure. He is a freshman in college and pursuing medicine at this point because of the difference good physicians have made in his life and his Fathers but his desire to share the Lord keeps him open to all possibilities. He is a former soccer player, black belt and football player. His work ethic learned at his Father’s knee is relentless but He loves nothing better than hanging with his family.

Jake- I struggled with some postpartum when Jake was born and I didn’t even know to call it that because I had never experienced that before. 
The words the Spirit deposited in my heart those first few months were joy-giver, and care- giver.No matter how many tears I shed Jake kept smiling and made me smile.
He loved everything about nature and still does. Animals are drawn to him because of His gentle nature. He fed baby birds, built a splint for a wounded chicken,  caught lizards by the hundreds and was every dog’s bosom friend. 
A hunter, fisherman, and horse back rider, he has spent hours in the woods.
He is a friend to all and has the lost art of being a good listener which is why so many confide in him.
He is an old soul. He values everything that is old and has a story, whether its an object or an old person. 
He loves nothing more than looking for old cars to buy, fix up  and flip.
Throughout these last couple years of our family experiencing the fires of trial Jake has come out with a fierce devotion to purity. He protects his heart and those around him with everything in him. He knows that the best place to reside is in the will of the Father.

She joined our family so sweetly and calmly. My most laid back baby that quickly became a fire ball. When you are the youngest of four you sometimes feel challenged to make yourself heard. Years 5-9 were hard but like a caterpillar she soon immerged into this beautiful stunning butterfly. That dances (she is a dancing butterfly not a floating one. 🙂 from person to person seeing what they need and how to bless them. 
She is the peace maker and servant of all.
If you want something organized or to find the perfect ootd she is your girl! 
She is so very social but loves to recharge alone with her worship music and her journal. Just her and Jesus. 
Because she is the peace maker and wants everyone happy these past few years have been so very hard. 
However she never shied away from the difficult but through many tears stood by her sister and made her laugh. Spent hours playing with her niece like the “big sister “ aunt she is. Cleaned my house, brought in fresh flowers, lit candles and kept the praise music playing. With each passing day she pressed into the Father more learning who He says she is rather than what the world says. I am amazed more every day how loving and beautiful she becomes. Encouraging me in my own faith. 

Abbey’s knight in shining armor, and she is his perfect other half. 
The Lord brought Adam into our lives at the perfect time not just for Abbey and Ava but for each of us. He relates to every sibling of Abbey’s in a unique and perfect way. Devoted to God’s word like I have never seen anyone except my dear Alan. 
He is a true Braveheart! Protector and defender of family and all that is Truth. 
His heart for the lost and sharing the gospel with them is his living mission. 
I can’t even put into words the bond of love he and Ava share! It is a true reflection of Christ’s love in every way. He loves her with joy, playfulness, protection and is self-sacrificing. Ava adores him.
When I see Abbey and Adam ministering to others together I know I am seeing them walk out what God has created for them to do.

Visit him here.

Ava Rose-
Yes, So I am your typical Nana, I can’t even find the words to describe our girl. 
Call me crazy, but i have actually looked forward to being a Nana all my life! Probably because I had the best grandma in all the land! Ava Rose has been better than any grandchild I ever dreamed of! She makes me look forward to all the future ones God will bless me with.
She is affectionate, funny, imaginative and strong.
She loves dogs! Especially her Nanny and Pop’s dog Marley. They are BFF’s.
She loves outside and declares it is the place to be often.
She has tea parties and loves her new tee pee.  She likes to color and read books and do puzzles. 
Her favorite past time is snuggling her Mommy and Daddy with juice in hand and a blanket. 
She loves to sing, especially during sound check with her Daddy. 
Some of her favorite songs are “ Let it go” (of course). Adele’s “ Hello” and her Daddy’s new song “ Home”. 
She lights up our world! 

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