Come Away With Me On A Walk To Remember

     As Anne of Green Gables would say, “I’ve come to invite you on one of our old time rambles.” I wanted to invite you, dear readers, into the walk I took in the mountains today. How appropriate that the Lord would take me away to the mountains to be with him. Alan’s place.
  I love the mountains but Alan loved them!  I finally found the chapel that was a short walk from the resort where I was staying and when I sat down on the back row, not sure why I was here exactly, I started with thank you!

    Thank you Father for calling me away. Thank you for the beauty that surrounds me and that you are present, with me. Thank you for this stone building, alongside a babbling brook, that serves as a place to “be still” and draw near to you.
     It’s not the place that makes Him draw near dear ones but the space that is birthed in our hearts when we slow down and are mindful of Him.
     Of all the memories that would flood my mind when I sat , He brought Alan’s hand stroking mine. The solid, strong hand that made me feel safe and protected, cherished and taken care of. And, I felt the “be strong” shell around my heart crumble into tears.
Then, He reminded me of the lyrics of a new song Adam just wrote a few days ago that had really ministered to my heart and it all came clear.
I wondered why the words “steady handed” would make me weep. This is why, they are the Lord’s hands and He reminded me in this small stone chapel in the mountains so many miles from home that the very part of Alan that made my heart feel at rest was just a reflection of my Father’s hands. Sure and steadfast. 
“I cling to you; your right hand holds me securely.” Psalm 63:8

     They are strong enough to hold me. They are strong enough to hold you, no matter the situation you are in. He is able and in Him, you are too. Not because you have it all together and can handle anything that comes your way but because you don’t and you can’t but He can and He will. Rest in Him, Trust in Him. Let the Lord fight for you, you need only be still.

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