Come to Me Beloved, Come to Me.

Come to me…
So it’s the middle of October and I can imagine that the fall days that seemed to stretch ahead of you are filling up. You’re beginning to think about all the things that simply must get done before the holidays and you are still carrying in your heart those burdens and concerns that tug at you when you have a quiet moment. And, He calls to out to you, ” Come to me!”

All Who are Weary….
Alarm goes off
Wake Up
Thank the Lord, Quiet time
Get coffee, must have coffee
To Do List- Laundry, Groceries,Pay bills, Return calls and emails, Plan meals, Paint the hutch,
Work, Plan for work,  Write, Pray
Teach the children, Train the children, Listen to the children, Help the children make good choices.
Talk to the husband, Pray with the husband, Listen to the Husband.
Check on the friend, Take kids to practices, Get gas, Pick kids up from practices.
We are WEARY! 
And Jesus says,” Come to me all who are weary.”

And Heavy Burdened….
That thing, you know, that thing that happened so long ago that you just can’t seem to make  peace with? 
That thing, you know that thing, that is going on right now that seems to be always stealing your joy. You can’t wrap your brain around how the Lord is going to take care of it and make all things new.
That thing, you know that thing, that you worry about that might happen in the future if you aren’t on top of it thinking about it , mulling it over and reworking it over and over in you mind. 
We are heavy burdened! 
And Jesus says, ” Come to me all who are weary and heavy burdened.”

And I will Give You Rest….
Rest…. What is that ? What does it even look like. In the society we live in I wonder if we even know how to do this. It certainly doesn’t come naturally. How can we have hope when we can’t even be still and rest? The position our minds and hearts are in feels like one of constant motion,advancing,working,striving. And yet, He calls out to us, ” Come to me, all who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest.” I think it starts with coming to Him beloved. Will you join me? Rest sounds good right about now. 

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