Day Six- Hope that is Seen is no hope at all!

Hope that is seen is no hope at all. For who hopes for what he already sees? 
This friends, this one stops me in my tracks. Let’s just take a moment and look at something beautiful. 
Even these flowers show hope. Once they were but tiny seeds. That were placed in a very dark place. They saw no light, yet there was hope that one day they would become a beautiful flowesr that would stop someone like me in my tracks. That is Hope! It is trusting that when all is dark and no light can be seen there is still a beautiful flower to be born, After waiting and trusting and hoping, the beauty that comes is so far reaching that it has the power to touch those that pass it by. This beauty is not for itself as if a flower needs to be told it is beautiful rather it reflects back on the one who made it, who saw it buried in darkness but then raised it to new life. 
     Hebrews 32:17 reminds us, “ By your great power ( God) and outstretched arm, there is nothing too hard for you! “ There is no  pain, no situation too hopeless that our God cannot change. 
This past Sunday I was reminded of this verse and it has resonated in my heart calling me to TRUTH again and again. It is Col.1:17 “He is before all things and in Him all things consist.” May you be comforted that when all else tells you  “You simply cannot handle one more thing.” He is singing the opposite over you. I hold you beloved. I go before you I am not surprised by man’s sin or this imperfect world. 
I am the very thing that will hold you together, body and soul. 

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