His Right Hand Held Me.

Have you ever felt like the promises of God are for everyone but you? I was reading in the Psalm this morning and came across  Psalm 77, that stilled my hand from turning the page. It was as if David had transcribed the very thoughts and struggles I had in my own mind after my […]

Will it be Faith or Fear?

I’m  a little uncomfortable writing this. You see fear is something I have always struggled with. It loves to raise it’s ugly head at me again and again.  So, I am no expert on overcoming this rather I am one who gets to exercise this faith muscle often. I know I am not alone in this […]

The Gate

While strolling down a twisted laneWith clapboard shops stacked high and low I round the bend just one time more And I must stay my steps they slow. I spy a gate before my eyesWeathered and marked by wind and timeBut to me there is beauty in crack and crevice. It’s age adds value and does not diminish. It […]