Thanksgiving Is Rooted In Receiving.

Thanksgiving is upon us and maybe like me you want this season we are ushering in to be MORE.

With every passing year, I feel the holy hush enter my soul just a bit earlier. It’s more than just the upcoming holidays filled with family, food and friends. It’s the general lifting of so many eyes away from ourselves.

We lift them up to give thanks and if we pause long enough and gaze upon his beauty long enough we can come away changed.

As a young mom, so much time went into planning, cooking and gathering, when we finally paused to pray before the meal and maybe share what we were thankful for, it felt a bit anti-climactic. After all we had a national holiday where our country at large was pausing to give thanks. So, giving God 5-10 minutes of my time on that day didn’t quite seem enough.

It was too easy to fill the afternoon with football, naps and cleaning up. Black Friday was mere hours away and we must hurry, hurry, hurry to do all the things to prepare for the day of giving just four weeks away.

We may feel like we’re on a ride dear ones, that goes faster and faster each year. But we can get off anytime we choose. First, we pause, then reflect and renew.

I know it sounds too easy and it may not feel that way at all. But I wanted to offer you something we received in loss, that didn’t come easy at all. A gift of perspective, a gift of letting go.

You now have permission to begin again, to make new memories, start new traditions and write a new story. No, it isn’t always easy. Like pioneers we must forge ahead finding new paths and trails. But in the release, there is a freedom you have never known.

What better time to begin again?

But it’s not the new year you say. Exactly.

” Do not put off tomorrow the good you can do today. ”

This gift we’ve received that I’m giving to you is something we all know but it gets lost in schedules, lists and demands we place on ourselves and each other. It’s the reminder that we cannot fully give until we have fully received. It simply means this beloved. If I desire to give to others I simply must receive. Without Christ I am a dry well but with him residing within my heart, I carry the wellspring of life.

John 7:38 says,

” He that believeth in me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.”

I wanted to make this doable for you. Something short and sweet to carry you on this journey of intentionally living a life of thanks. I’ve been working on something for weeks to help us all with that.

It’s a 5 day Podcast Bundle entitled ” Receive Your King.”

Each day of the podcast will lead you into a deeper revelation of the gift we have in Jesus. It will lead you to give up more of your heart to him. No more pigeon holes or boxes. He has free rein. Here is a bit of what that looks like.

Day One- Making Room in Our Hearts.

Day Two- He came in the flesh, meeting us in our affliction.

Day Three- Draw Near to the King.

Day Four- The surprise gift that comes when we seek Him.

Day Five- He came as Savior. How do we make him Lord?

Each podcast is 5-6 minutes long so you can play one per day, or listen to them all at once.

Bonus Gifts:

-PDF of Scriptures to Savor.

-PDF of Ideas to make the holidays meaningful and less self-filled.

-Original Children’s Story written and recorded for your family, leading you to a place of responding to the gift of Christ.

This will be available to order at the link below for the remainder of the year. Then it will retire.

Now is the time beloved to let the goodness of God, so fill us up, that it flows over into the lives of those around us.




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