When something beautiful breaks and Peace is in our midst.

I never find unbroken sand dollars! Alan always did. He was much more patient than I was. But, today as I walked along the beach looking on my right and left, I glanced down and in a pool of standing water I saw a small perfect sand dollar. I gently picked it up and held it aloft the rest of our time on the beach, carefully protecting its delicate beauty.
However in the throws of washing off sandy feet, ordering lunch, holding Ava and going to the bathroom , I inadvertently stuck it in my pocket with another shell. You guessed it, it broke! I discovered it awhile later when I was searching my pockets for something else. I was SO sad!
But, as I picked all of the broken pieces out of my pocket trying to see if it could be pieced back together, the inside of the sand dollar turned up in my hand. The oh so tiny, but very present ” dove of peace”.
And the Lord reminded my that when beautiful things are broken there can still be peace in the midst of it all.
As I walked the beach for the first time without my love, it was still beautiful! I was surrounded by my ” small army” as my kids refer to themselves. I still felt the presence of the Lord. I carried His peace within me… as well as the pain of missing Alan’s hand in mine.
The Lord sees it all. The Lord knows it all!  He alone makes the broken pieces beautiful and pours out His peace in the midst of it. He is with us! He is good! We are bruised but not “truly” broken.  So we breathe, and with every breath we give thanks!

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  1. Beautiful, Tara. Thank you for sharing your moments with us. I am so thankful for you.

  2. And I am thankful for you Jenn! Keep writing my beautiful friend!

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