When You’re Ready to Let That Wound Heal. (Blog Swap)

As part of a Blog Swap I am doing with a few of my fellow writers for the month of July,  I am so happy to welcome Lea Turner to the blog. I know you will love her heart and her words. Take heart beloved. The Lord wants to heal those wounds as much as you want them to be healed. Lea shares the following.

“I am a mess right now,” I whisper to my husband one night.

“And can’t seem to pioneer my feelings. I can’t appear to make sense of it all. “I feel like I have a wound that just won’t heal.”

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t make sense of your life? Unsure what had just happened. Suddenly finding yourself in place of questioning, unsure of how to pioneer through your feelings unbeknownst of the destination. Sometimes life isn’t just cut and dry.

And maybe you have a wound that just won’t stop bleeding. You’re unsure of how to heal, yet you know healing must come to walk in your fullness.

You can’t just slap a Band-Aid on a bleeding wound, or it will begin to seep around it.

Wounds happen. They’re a part of life.

The divorce became final. The friendship ended. Bankruptcy was declared. Betrayal happened. Job loss occurred. False accusations. Betrayal. Unforgiveness. Rejection. Your love one died even though you believed till the end.

Disappointment sets in, and you’re just not sure what to do.

What is important is how you heal, because some wounds weep for years if not properly tended to. Feelings don’t line up with beliefs, so you get caught…feelings tell you it hurts, while beliefs say forgive and move on.

What do we do when nothing makes sense, and we just want to slap a Band-Aid on pretending it never occurred? We feel like a small child telling their parent not to touch it because it might hurt.

“Who said you had to have it all figured out?” my husband mumbled.

“Yeah, maybe that’s where faith comes in?”

Isn’t it comforting to know when you feel gripped by your current circumstances God’s promise of deliverance does not waiver (Psalm 27:3)? Why would He declare such promises if He never intended to fulfill them?

“Call upon Me in the day of trouble: I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me” Psalm 50:15.

My son’s verse for the week hit home, “The LORD will fight for you while you keep still” Exodus 14:14

Still? Seems so easy…yet so hard.

The Amplified Version reads, “The Lord will fight for you while you [only need to] keep silent and remain calm.”

Just like the Israelites in Exodus standing on the edge of the Red Sea, you’re caught off guard by your circumstances. The Israelites first response was to call out to God, however as soon as the words released from their lips they hurled complaints at Moses. Our natural tendency is to assume the worst and lash out at the nearest target.

The Lord is saying to stop being afraid and shut up because He will fight for you.

I pondered this as the week dragged on.

On the phone with a friend and my flesh wanted to rehash all the bad events again…to pick at the scab and make it bleed.

I heard the Lord say, “Don’t pick the scab. Let it heal, or you will have a scar.”

In the middle of the mess when our hearts are still hurting, we need to stop the negative talk. When we have said all the words that need to be said, keep “silent and remain calm.” Allow the Lord to breathe His presence on your open wound, even if it hurts.

Maybe your first step is to stop complaining. Stop the negative talk.

We need to stop talking and allow God to heal us. Every time we open our mouths to complain we give a foothold to the enemy and the wound begins to bleed again.

Rehashing all the hurtful details to everyone around us is not helping us.

The only way to heal the body is to stop picking at the scab. Sometimes, the only way to heal the heart is to trust and stop talking.

You can stand firm in the middle of messy circumstances knowing God is fighting on your behalf. Knowing He is the ultimate healer and will heal every wounded heart. Even if you are standing on the edge of your Red Sea, unsure of how God will come through, you can stop complaining and stand strong in prayer against the enemy who seeks to keep the wound bleeding.

I surrender all my hurts and wounds to You, Father God, and I ask you to release me and bring healing to all areas of my life. I choose today to stop complaining and allow You to work. I declare joy and freedom to be made whole.

*This post originally appeared @leaturner.com


  Lea Turner is a blogger, speaker, wife, and mother of five, three grew in her belly, two in her heart through adoption. She’s on a journey of resting fully in the love of the Father by letting go of striving and walking in her identity of Christ. Lea has a passion to inspire others to work from a place of rest rather than strive from a place of anxiety. She writes about it in the fringe-hours of mom life here. Also connect with Lea on Instagram, Facebook, and you can download her free ebook Empowered right Here. 

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  1. thinking on this ..
    knowing He wants to do a deeper work in my heart
    resulting in personal freedom from the most horrid
    kind of betrayal. leaning in ♥

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