Your King Is Coming!

It’s 21 days until Christmas and I am grasping for that Christmas feeling. Yes, I have the tree up, the Christmas music has been playing for a while now. I am even hoping for some snow. But, current events have left me feeling a bit deflated. We’ve experienced so much change the last couple of weeks,(even good,) I feel like a top that’s been spun and I’m winding down and can’t quite see things around me clearly.

Maybe you feel that way too. Maybe life doesn’t look like you planned for it to on this December day. You may be thinking, “Tell me how in this weary world we are supposed to rejoice?”

Whenever I feel like that top, overspun and winding down to what feels like nothing, I know it means I need to lean in and listen. Sometimes all the spinning keeps us  out of His word on a daily basis. It’s hard to renew our minds on good intentions, and positive thinking. Only truth can do that, and Truth is a person.

Take heart beloved, Your King is Coming!

What feeling does that statement bring to your heart? Is it joy, anxiousness, fear, hope, indifference?

Well, it all depends on who the King is doesn’t it? It depends on whether He is good or not.

Zechariah 9:9 says, “Rejoice greatly, See, your king comes to you righteous and victorious.”

We can rejoice, beloved when we know who is coming…

He is our King, and He is a good King. Not one to be feared as if he would mistreat us or take advantage of us. But, one to be in awe of, to respect and to trust as the caretaker of our souls.

Trust, wow, that can be a hard one. I was flipping through the pages of my Bible yesterday, feeling tired and empty and knowing I needed to feed my empty heart. When the word “trust” seemed to leap off the pages at me. I started noticing that this word was linked in many passages to promises. “For those who trusted… things happened.” This was the food I needed!

I felt a bit like a stubborn child, “What, Lord?” What will you give me if I trust? Trust is a hard one sometimes and I need some incentive.

Here are a few:

Those who trust in the Lord,

-Will lack no good thing.

-Will find new strength.

-Cannot be moved!

-Are Happy!

-Are blessed!

They are like a tree planted by a stream;

It does not fear when heat comes,

It’s leaves are always green.

It has no worries in a year of drought. No WORRIES!

It never fails to bear fruit!

Jesus is coming beloved. Your King is coming and while you wait for Him, His Spirit has gifts for you when you trust Him in the waiting.

You will be made strong, immovable, happy, lacking no good thing, free from worry and fear. On top of all that, you will bear fruit! The evidence of a healthy plant! This allows us to rejoice in him and be happy despite our circumstances, not based on them!

Your King is coming!

That statement should change us. He is coming back a victorious King and we as His subjects share the victory. This is reason for great joy! And while we are waiting we can trust.

6 Replies to “Your King Is Coming!”

  1. Oh Tara, you are such an incredible writer. What powerful truths

  2. He is the best Truth of all, isn’t He? I am so glad He met you in my words!

  3. I love this Tara! Could you send me the verses? X

    1. I sent them to you friend!

  4. Priscilla Washington says: Reply

    I feel the same way. Waiting for just Him

  5. Yes Priscilla! Just for Him!

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