About Tara

In February 2016, Tara’s husband flew home to Jesus at the age of 46 following a 14-month battle with brain cancer. This forever altered her life and the lives of her children. Yet, God has already used it for good. He wastes nothing, not even our pain. The course of all her children’s paths changed drastically. One of the things the Lord told her to do though this experience was write and as she did she began to remember a love long buried. This was a love of words. She remembered how they carried her into places of hope, adventure and the truth of God’s word. It reminded her of a dream she had buried under years of mothering, homeschooling and even teaching.

Since Alan moved to Heaven, Tara has also developed the Seek and Savor podcast. She writes monthly for The Joyful Life Magazine and is pitching her children’s pictures books as well as her book for adults to agents. She writes daily of what it looks like to “Lift Up Our Eyes” and find Jesus in all our circumstance over on IG @tara_dickson.

While Tara has had lots of experience in the past speaking, in theatre, teaching elementary
students and organizing and directing church programs she loves connecting with women’s
hearts specifically. Whether you are having a women’s church retreat, mops group, or anything
else, her greatest desire is to be faithful in sharing HOPE with other women

Please contact Tara to discuss booking for an event, or inquire about her availability and fees.

What People Are Saying

I started following Tara on facebook a few years ago. I was captivated, blessed, and encouraged by her stories. I felt like I knew her. I felt as though I was walking through life with her. I felt the power and presence of God through her writings. She invites you into her life with complete vulnerability and realness, while sharing stories of her life, her reflections, her faith, struggles, and victories all for the glory of Jesus.

Our church recently invited Tara to come speak at our ladies retreat. What a blessing she was. She brought with her the sweet Presence of God. As she will tell you, she is a story teller. Tara is a gentle, sweet woman who has a deep and beautiful relationship with Jesus and that is so evident in the testimonies of her life and her knowledge of the Word of God. As she takes you on her own journey through this temporary place we call home, whether through brief writings or in depth stories about her past, you see life through her eyes, seeing Jesus in EVERY situation. It is encouraging and uplifting. Proclaiming the HOPE of Jesus Christ. Her personal and daily testimonies will encourage any person, no matter what you are going through to “Lift up Your Eyes”.
Kim Mraz
Wellington, KS
The way Tara shares her heart makes you feel like her closest friend.
Carol Faith Howell
Blog follower
What a blessing to have Tara make a special guest appearance at our recent widows’ grief support retreat! She is so spiritually grounded and has such a heart of compassion that she provides exactly what those who are struggling with grief need to hear. Her scripture-based message was positive and uplifting. Definitely the special touch we needed as we were encouraged to “Lift Up Your Eyes.”
When We Becomes Me
Hot Springs, Arkansas

Frequently Requested Topics

Lift Up Your Eyes
If you have followed Tara for even a little while you have seen this phrase on her social media. Maybe it’s intrigued you and made you long for something a little more. Beloved in these days of busy schedules, stress, natural disasters and the list goes on, we need NOW more than ever to fix our eyes on Jesus. He is the author and perfector of our faith and He knows just how to reframe our current circumstances so that we can choose joy and become more than overcomers. Tara shares her personal experiences with what God has shown her when she chooses to “Lift Up Her Eyes.” You will walk away with an arsenal of scriptures for your journey. Because encouraging stories lift us for the moment but God’s word carries us through.
He Sees You, He is With You, He Has Good Plans For You
We live in a society where everything is on display. Our homes, our children, even what we eat for breakfast and yet we often feel invisible, overlooked or unloved. Tara shares, in storyteller fashion, about her personal journey with these same struggles and how the Lord comes alongside His daughters through His Word to show us just how much we are seen, loved, planned for and accompanied by the Lover of our souls. (This is a 3 session series, great for a weekend retreat.)
Grieving with Hope
Tara shares the story of her husband’s battle with glioblastoma brain cancer and his journey to Heaven. She tells of what life has been like after His passing and how God has carried her and children through. Along with her personal stories she shares from the Word of God, the scriptures she hung her heart on and how you can carry Hope with you on your journey.


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