Now Is The Time To Grow Deeper.

If I asked, “Who wants to grow deeper in Christ?” My guess is I would get a rousing shout of agreement.

But we often don’t do things that would bring that to pass.

Sara Haggerty in her book,  Unseen, said, ” Most of the time, we don’t reach for God until we have to. Our hardest circumstances are often the ones God uses to call forth the deeper reach of Him.”

And I remembered what it felt like, what it still feels like on some days to have no choice but to depend on God.

In those days of fresh grief, I wasn’t sure I had enough breath in my lungs or the ability to make the simplest of decisions. I was completely dependent on God to prepare a meal, have a conversation, or navigate everyday life.

I have seen what happens in times of grief and loss. Maybe you have too. Nothing in this temporal world could soothe my soul and satisfy my thirst.

Instead, my thirsty roots grew down even deeper searching for the living water that would satisfy my soul.

I can look back as well to times in my life where everything was going a little more according to “my plan.” Days where my schedule dictated my times with God and the moments I was pausing to praise Him looked like short words thrown up on occasion.. when something good came my way.

Now I hunger to know what it looks to SEEK the face of my Savior. I want to SAVOR His words, because I love Him. Because, when my life fell apart and people abandoned me, He didn’t. Because, everything good I have in my life has preceded from His hand.

As I was thinking on this idea of our roots growing deeper in Him during hard times, I came across these thoughts my son wrote about deep places.

Wars in years past were won in the trenches.

Trench warfare proved to be revolutionary.

The war for our souls is too often won in the trenches.

First your own, then someone else’s. Let yourself down into the trenches.

Do you find yourself weary? Slide down into that trench and you’ll find water for your soul.

Have you no faith? Perhaps it’s because you have no trial.

Have you no hunger for righteousness? Oh how the trenches are filled with trial, hurt, pain, death and loss of all kinds. It won’t take you long to see your need and then hunger for righteousness.

 Don’t run from life. Run through it.

Many think the only place to find healing is somewhere high, on some elegant mountain peak. But there are many souls residing on mountain tops dried up, discouraged and thirsty. Then there are those who have simply slid into the trench, the lesser worn trail. The trenches can be places of deep nourishment.

We have traded what we cannot SEE for what we CAN.

Water is found in the trenches. It runs off the peaks and down from remote places where men run first only to find a beautiful peak but no basin to hold water.”

No basin to hold water beloved… That living water that Jesus himself said, would cause us to thirst no more.

I’m sharing this because I believe someone needs to hear this word. Low, places, (trenches)  are not something to fear. They can be an invitation to hide in His presence, drink from His well and let our roots grow even deeper.

Let’s choose to grow deeper even when we’re on those lovely mountains, then when we pass through the trenches, He will be the first thing we reach for.

How deep the Father’s love for us.

How vast beyond all measure.

That He should give His only Son,

To make a wretch His treasure. ( Hymn by Stuart Townend)

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  1. I love your expressions, and now your adding Nate’s made them all the more profound. Love and miss you.

  2. Thank you Ann! I love and miss you too!!

  3. “Many think the only place to find healing is somewhere high, on some elegant mountain peak. But there are many souls residing on mountain tops dried up, discouraged and thirsty…The trenches can be places of deep nourishment.” So incredibly beautiful, truth filled words. We so easily believe the only purpose of a valley is to be climbed out of: to return to the well-lit places and ascend to the heights as quickly as possible. But valleys are where the water runs to: where we find green, the flourishing, the wonders hidden in shadowy places that cannot take root in the light. I can’t imagine a genuine faith journey without both the valleys and the mountains.

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