Letting Go: A Verse About the Changing Season.

As seasons change, the leaves they turn. 

A cold wind blows, the leaves let go.
Back to the earth from whence they came. 
First a seed, then a shoot, fully bloomed and then turning. 
For us life has seasons, they too come and go. 
We start out small unsure of who we are.
We grow and we flourish and plan our days.
But the days they don’t listen they have a mind of their own.
Still,we press on, though the future be unknown. 
We persevere under trials, and we overcome them.  
We weather the storms, the wind and the rain. 
Our branches may be bent, our leaves they may shake, 
But our roots hold us firm, they are deep and stable
Rooted in the only one who makes us able.
He is the First and the Last. 
He goes before and behind us.
When we can’t keep going, He holds us up. 
When we are coming undone, He is the glue that binds us.
So rest my friend and let the seasons change.
There is beauty in the turning, and freedom in the letting go. 
There is rest in the waiting for the spring to return,
Which gives hope for the days to come!
And HOPE does not disappoint us! 

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