The Work of Our Hands.

     I passed by a little print in my bathroom this morning that I had propped up on a “vintage shelf” I got recently.  As I read the words once again I marveled at how dear they were to me. 

When life has been chaotic, and if feels like not only has your apple cart been upset but rather your whole world has been shaken and turned upside down, it feels like the sweetest of instructions to receive from your Father. Live a quiet life…. and work with your hands. It’s similar to another verse I love.
     “May the Favor of our God rest upon us and establish the work of our hands. Yes, establish the work of our hands.” Ps. 90:17
     The word establish means so many things and goes perfectly with what hands do. It means to start, create or form something, it is to make permanent. 

     As a writer I think about the ways I use my hands, writing, typing, rewriting. As a mom I use my hands to wash, pour, wipe, clean, caress, hug, and lift.
      As I cared for Alan during his last days I became even more aware of hands and what they do. They washed and brushed, balanced, administered medicine, applied lotion, changed bedding and cared for all of his needs. Alan was always very particular with his personal care, not a hair out of place while I am somewhat haphazard. So I intentionally took great care to make sure, if he was aware, he would feel comfortable and like himself. But, my favorite was just holding his hand. Long after He could no longer communicate he would still grip our hands and sometimes even stroke us. The sweetest thing! 

     Gen.1:27 says, ” So God created mankind in His own image.” God created us with His own hands. He is the potter and we are the clay. He is constantly shaping and pruning and caring for us. He is lifting, us. Molding us into the people He has intended for us to be. So, when I think of living a quiet life and working with my hands it feels right and good. That is what we are supposed to be about. We work with our hands and we trust God to establish the work we are doing, for His glory.  
It is not our job to try and figure out how He will do it or when He will do it but to trust He will do it. He will accomplish His purpose for you and for me! Why? Because we are the work of His hands!
“The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me.
 Lord your love is eternal;
 do not abandon the work of your hands.” Psalm 138:8

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