Hey friends! I’m beginning  a short series on ” The fam”! So that, as I share with you a bit about “life”you have a point of reference. They’re my favorites and I’m super thankful to walk through life with them so it isn’t a hardship I assure you.  Each one of them is a gift from God, that I am sharing with you. You will be able to catch an abbreviated version  of all of them on my ” All about family” page. 

Blog Post Part One ” The Fam!”
Abbey- She is the one who taught me how to mother. My firstborn, she helped me to see life outside of myself and by her presence stretched my heart so that it increased my capacity to love her and the ones who came after her. Her ability to love others and Jesus from the time she was tiny has constantly inspired me. 

I remember walking through Wal-mart when she was just 4 and she stopped me in my tracks telling me she NEEDED to go tell the people across the aisle about Jesus. Her desire to share Him with others pushed me outside my comfort zone and spurred me on to press into Him ,so I would share this passion and be able to steward this brave soul He had entrusted me with. Abbey began listening to the Lord early on. She started making jewelry from home when she was 10 to give to whomever the Lord laid on her heart. Before we knew it she was in multiple stores across the country and holding trunk shows. She played travel soccer, became a black belt in karate, participated in drama productions at the local college and finished high school at the age of 16. Her Daddy and I weren’t ready for her to go off to college so when some family friends Jeremy and Adie Camp asked her to come out on the road and Nanny for them we decided this would be a perfect interim experience. Little did we know that the Lord had planned for her to meet the man that would one day be her husband years later. Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to no matter how strong we desire it to, but our God promised He would NEVER leave us!
I have watched Abbey walk through the hardest season of her life these past two years. Hardships she did not ask for. 
She has experienced life as a single mother, and  watched her daddy ( her best friend and the strongest man she knew) battle brain cancer and gain His heavenly reward. Alan was the strongest man both in physique and of character and heart. He had been a rock for Abbey through all of her life and especially through hardships and now during his greatest battle I watched her be everything to her Daddy that He was to her. She was always there to rub his feet, pray over him, and at the end encourage him with every breath that he was doing even this, ( this dying process, this transition from Heaven to Earth) SO WELL!
Right before this battle at just the perfect moment Abbey  reconnected with someone she met while she was the Nanny for Jermey and Adie Camp,who became the love of her life Adam Cappa ( singer and recording artist). He was literally with us the night Alan was diagnosed in the ER, and he has been there ever since. The Lord knew!
Together they have made the sweetest little family. With the Lord as their “Everything” they travel,minister to people, love those around them and are the best Mommy and Daddy Ava Rose could possibly imagine! 
Their story is the embodiment of HOPE and what God’s redemption looks like.

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