The Gate

While strolling down a twisted lane
With clapboard shops stacked high and low 
I round the bend just one time more 
And I must stay my steps they slow. 

I spy a gate before my eyes
Weathered and marked by wind and time
But to me there is beauty in crack and crevice. It’s age adds value and does not diminish. 

It welcomes those that pass it by 
Beckoning them enter and rest awhile. 
I pause and consider why joy I feel.
And soon in remembering my heart comes unspun. 
It’s a gentle reminder of something that’s been done. 

I know of one who claims He’s a door whereby those who enter have Eternity in store. 
He has the answers to questions that rise.
He is the giver of Hope when we can’t see why. 

So calm thy heart friend, slow your pace and enter. 
He is waiting to greet you and bids you come hither. 
His love is for real it is firm and lasting. 
The peace that He promises is not just in passing. To enter the gate is truly a choice and in taking that step all of Heaven rejoices. 

*The Lord did a new thing in my heart a few weeks ago. As I was out walking in a little coastal town , I stumbled upon this lovely old gate. He generally speaks to me in stories but never verse. He stopped me in my tracks and started pouring into my heart.This is a piece of what he began speaking to me that day and I felt like his beloved child in a way I never had before. It was a sweet communion that I am blessed to share with you because it’s “His Gift”. And because I want you to taste a bit of that communion with me. May you see and hear him today dear ones! Keep looking up! 

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  1. Tara, this is so beautifully poetic! I thought at first I was reading Robert Frost praising God! Thank you for letting us join you in this coastal area. Love you! Ann

  2. Thank you for your kind words Ann, and for reading! Love you!

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