Your King Is Coming!

It’s 21 days until Christmas and I am grasping for that Christmas feeling. Yes, I have the tree up, the Christmas music has been playing for a while now. I am even hoping for some snow. But, current events have left me feeling a bit deflated. We’ve experienced so much change the last couple of […]

I Will Not Be Shaken

It’s mid July. Summer’s heat can feel oppressive, it can be that one last  straw on the camel’s back. When you are walking through a difficult season of life each “straw” can be monumental. Small things can turn the tide of your day. I have seen it in my own heart and in others. My […]

His Right Hand Held Me.

Have you ever felt like the promises of God are for everyone but you? I was reading in the Psalm this morning and came across  Psalm 77, that stilled my hand from turning the page. It was as if David had transcribed the very thoughts and struggles I had in my own mind after my […]