Father of My Heart

     We live in a broken world. This is no surprise to us but as I get older I see more and more often that as we long for things to be as they were intended to be ,we often carry with us hurt, disappointment and bitterness. 
     Our Father in Heaven had a plan for this. He saw the brokenness and separation that sin caused in this world and He made the greatest sacrifice to bring things to rights. He gave us Jesus! It was the sweetest, most generous thing He could do, to allow His Son, to stand in our place and take our sins so that by receiving Him as our Savior and our Lord we could have eternal life. 

     I believe He also makes provision for us on this earth as we all wait to see things made new! It has been a lifetime for me to begin to see my Heavenly Father as the good Father that He truly is. For many of us because of man’s “free choice” or circumstances beyond our control  we have not seen the faithful love of a Father in our home. 

      I myself did not have my earthly father living with me but looking back I can see so many ways my good Father in Heaven provided for me. He blessed me with an amazing Papa, who loved me well. While we lived miles apart, he chose to love me intentionally, constantly, and tangibly. I watched him love me sacrificially, spending his very short weekends of rest from his job to drive across the country to watch me run track, act in a play or just do yard work, buy us winter shoes and hold us tight before returning to work. We talked on the phone weekly, and he made holidays especially memorable, knowing the way they spoke to my heart. He chose me again and again, just like my Heavenly Father did. He was just a man with imperfections but He did this well… He chose to love in spirit and in truth. 

     I have been in a unique position to watch my darling granddaughter Ava at the tender age of 2 recognize what true love looks like. Adam became her Daddy when she was 1 1/2 years old but he was already loving her well long before that. She already knows that “My Daddy” as she says loves her the way love is meant to be.

     He loves her sacrificially putting her own needs above his own. He loves her constantly when she is happy and fussy,hemming her in with tender guidance when her little heart wants her own way. He loves her protectively, providing for her arms to run into and covering her in prayer. He loves her best by loving her Mama (my Abbey) faithfully, washing her in the Word of God , and being the godly leader they need.

Ava has so many mannerisms of Adam because she watches him so closely and wants to be like him. Just last night we were eating at a restaurant and Ava refused her rice and chicken. She insisted on eating noodles off her Daddy’s plate and a fork wouldn’t do because her Daddy was eating with chopsticks.


    Every time I see something like this I want to say, “ I hear you Father, I hear you.” This is how you want us to be isn’t it? Secure in your love no matter our initial experience in this fallen world. Our eyes fixed on you, ever watching to see your next move, desiring to be right by your side walking with you on this journey. Doing things the way you would do them. Loving the way you love, the way you gave up yourself in the biggest way, by giving us your son. You see Adam is Ava’s Daddy, the Daddy of her heart. 

    I don’t know your journey beloved. I don’t know the pieces that were or are missing in your life that have kept you from experiencing fully the love God has for you. But I do know the Daddy of your heart.
Know this dear ones. He loves you. He chose you! He is there to make all things new for you! There were many times when my Papa couldn’t be present physically and I was lonely for a visual example of that “true love” being lived out. The Father taught me to see it in others and while I wasn’t always on the receiving end of it to rejoice that is was there. He wanted me to know that I had the power to choose where my thoughts went and that even in the loneliness He was with me and guiding me so that I could be that tangible expression of God’s love to others. You have a choice, you are not a victim of your circumstances. 
“ And we know that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love Him.”(Rom. 8:28)
“For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you to give you HOPE and a future.” (Jer.29:11)

     He speaks this over you dear ones, of course He does. He is the Father of your Heart

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  1. Peaceful…and precious.

  2. Peaceful…and precious.

  3. So needed this message! Praise God & thank u Tara��….Gail

    1. God is good to affirm our hearts with His truth!

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