Drink From the Well

Now the day is over. 
Night is drawing nigh. 
Shadows of the evening, steal across the sky.

These are the words that came to my mind as I saw the night sky above me on a walk last night. It produced such a longing in my heart for that calm sweet feeling that comes when you sing this hymn written by( Sabine Gould in the 1800’s)that I wanted more. Here is a bit more….

Jesus give the weary,
Calm and sweet repose,
With thy tenderest blessing
May my eyelids close

Comfort every sufferer 
Watching late in pain
Those who plan some evil 
From their sin restrain

When the morning wakens
Then may I arise
Pure and Fresh and sinless
In thy holy eyes.

It reminded me of the Spirit dear ones! Did you know that the Spirit is our deposit guaranteeing what is to come? We carry the very hope of Heaven within us when we say Yes to Jesus choosing us! 
He is Our Counselor ( John 16) 
He our Teacher and Reminder of all that Jesus taught us. ( John 14:26)
He is our Guide into all Truth. (John 16)
He is our Helper when we are weak. (Rom. 8) 
He intercedes for us with groanings even words cannot express.  (Rom.8)
He is our Hope and helps us abound in Hope!(Rom.15)

When Jesus returned to the Father, He left us the sweetest gift, His Spirit. The embodiment of Hope and He lives in us as believers. It is my prayer that I would walk in this. ” It is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.” Matt. 10:20 
May we spend so much time with him that our hearts are filled up with Him. For out of the overflow of our hearts our mouths speak. And may the very living waters that he promised us continue to flow out of our full hearts onto hearts that are thirsty ground. Sometimes beloved my heart is full and I feel it overflowing and other times I forget what the Lord has given me in His Spirit and He is faithful to remind me or use another believer to spill their abundance onto me. May we be faithful to continue to drink from the well that doesn’t grow dry and share that life giving water with others. 

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